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NeuroMusculoSkeletal (NMS) Examination

Every patient begins their journey toward health with a series of Orthopedic, Neurological, Chiropractic, and when needed Radiographic (x-ray) examinations.  This process is designed to efficiently determine the root cause of pain, discomfort, and loss of function.  Once the causes of lacking health are found our team can customize a treatment plan to address your issues and get you back to doing what you love most.


When joint fixation is a component of our patient’s pathology they will be prescribed adjustments appropriate to their situation.  Our Doctor is trained in several methods of adjusting all regions of the spine and extremities and we will always do our best to ensure effective treatments are delivered comfortably.  Occasionally there is some muscular soreness following adjustments but it is usually very mild and resolved with application of ice for 20 minutes.

  • Activator – My patients call this “the clicker gun”.  Activator is an instrument used to gently tap spinal segments or extremities that are fixated and causing dysfunction to some degree.  Activator is well researched as a safe modality that is low impact and can be used on patients of all ages and when used appropriately is even safe for patients with spinal surgery and osteoporosis.
  • Arthrostim – My patients call this “The Woodpecker”.  This instrument is gentle repetitive force applied to spinal segments or extremities to stimulate mechanoreceptors and improve joint mobility and function.
  • Diversified – This is the chiropractic catch all technique for most adjustment strategies related to biomechanics that either don’t have specific nomenclature or were considered an efficient default method that was safe for spinal manipulation most commonly the neck and upper back.
  • Extremity Adjustment – There are a great many methods employed to improve joint mechanics in the extremities.  Often they are adjusted manually, by hand, but instruments may be used as well, most commonly an activator, arthrostim, or a speeder board or toggle piece.
  • Gonstead – Dr. Clarence Gonstead, DC pioneered this adjustment style back in 1929 that was based heavily on biomechanics of the spinal discs and is considered a very safe and effective treatment for relieve of nerve pressure.
  • Pediatric Chiropractic – This is a special form of diversified adjustment techniques which use much smaller forces and contact points (usually the pinky fingers) to adjust new born babies up to about 3-4 years of age.  Typically less than 1 ounce of pressure is applied in this adjustment technique.
  • Sacral Occipital Technique – This technique was originally devised and practiced by Major Bertrand DeJarnette, who was a Chiropractor and Osteopath.  SOT is a method of treatments that are typically very low force with the goal of balancing the foundation of the spine (the Sacrum) and the top of the spine (the Occiput).
  • Webster Technique – This technique is actually a diversified technique that employs a specific set of sacral tests to evaluate pelvic ligaments.  This technique is employed when helping breach position realignment to improve comfort during pregnancy and eventually safer birth.  This is NOT attempting to turn the baby!  Instead we restore the mother’s spine, pelvis, and associated ligaments back to a normal physiological function and research shows the baby will turn on their own with good frequency.


Our Office has Digital X-ray, allowing our doctor to get your x-rays processed in about 40 seconds which reduces the need for re-shoots for positioning or errors.  Digital x-ray that we employ is proven to be safe for children and adults of all ages and to a limited extent is safe even for pregnant patients (according to research it takes more than 17 x-rays from a unit like ours before there is significant risk).

Functional Exercises

Our thorough examination procedures are designed to find the cause of your painful conditions and often we find there are muscular imbalances associated with most of the conditions we see in our office.  Depending upon the physical conditions and the physical needs our doctor will discuss with you, our team builds a custom plan including exercise rehabilitation for spinal weaknesses and imbalance that may have caused your condition initially.


We have an FDA approved Class IV medical LASER that is far more powerful than most “therapy” or “cold lasers” you may have tried.  Our office utilizes biophotomodulation (activation of your body’s natural biochemistry) to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and nerve health, and increase the speed of cellular regeneration.  In short this technology allows you to feel better much faster and heal at a far greater rate!

Rock tape

Our team is passionate about the diagnosis and treatment of sports injury.  One of the most popular treatments in today’s sports arena is Kinesiology Taping.  We chose to use Rock Tape because of a higher quality cotton, hypo-allergenic non-latex adhesive, and really great durability.  Their Brand motto is Go Stronger Longer, and we find that their tape delivers!