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Tissue Soft Work

When you’re injured or hurt, either by one acute event or as a result of repetitive use injury, inflammation is sure to follow. That inflammation often results in scar tissue forming in and between muscles and the tissues connecting your joints and muscles. Scar tissue of this kind has a massive limiting impact on your range of motion and the overall power and speed of which your muscles are capable.

These limitations cause changes in your biomechanics which in turn causes dysfunctional posture and motion throughout your body. When you begin to compensate for these limitations, you put yourself at serious risk for misalignment and injury.

Do Not Leave Small Issues Untreated

It all begins with one small injury that might be painful, but manageable, so you ignore it. That one small injury can have a cascade of negative effects resulting in pain and injury in joints and muscles that were nowhere near the original trauma. By leaving small issues untreated, you put yourself at risk for reinjury, repetitive motion problems, and pain caused by body-wide posture issues.

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Injury Does Not Have To Result In Permanent Pain

This doesn’t have to happen to you. Injury doesn’t have to result in permanent pain, a cascade of joint and posture issues, or loss of power, flexibility, or speed. That’s where soft tissue work comes in. Through the use of specialized tools and techniques, our doctor can help break down the scar tissue resulting from your injury.

We’ll work with you to carefully understand the causes and symptoms of your pain to develop a treatment approach specially designed for your body. Through therapeutic and targeted treatment, we’ll help you improve your soft tissue function and move past the pain and movement restrictions that are holding you back.


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