Compression Technology

Each patient has a unique body with unique problems, needs, and requirements. In order to give each of our patients the exact care they need to live their best lives, we use the full range of therapeutic and technological options. One of these options is pneumatic compression technology. Compression technology was initially pioneered to help treat circulatory problems, but has since been discovered to have other health benefits and applications. This non-invasive technology gently and safely compresses your extremities to push fluid out of sore and tired muscles to speed up healing and recovery and promote better circulation.

Close-up of runners’ legs during a race on a wet road. One runner’s leg has blue kinesiology tape applied, perhaps a precaution by their chiropractor after recovering from back pain. They are wearing black compression sleeves and blue-green running shoes.

About Our Sleeves

We utilize compression sleeves similar to those used to take your blood pressure, but large enough for your limbs. This has been a valuable tool in aiding post-operation healing and in rehabilitating sports injuries by increasing blood flow and promoting the regeneration and healing of soft tissue through massaging action.

Even without an acute underlying injury, compression is an excellent tool to aid recovery after intense physical exercise or competition, which is why this method is used extensively by professional athletes.

Rock Tape

Our team is passionate about the diagnosis and treatment of sports injury.  One of the most popular treatments in today’s sports arena is kinesiology taping.  This method of sports rehabilitation promotes the body’s own natural healing ability by supporting and adding stability to your joints and muscles without the usual loss of movement associated with traditional braces.

This tape is safe for all age groups and provides a safe, effective way to promote healing and blood flow in your soft tissue with the least impact possible. It can be applied in almost limitless ways so it’s fully customizable for your body, your injury, and your needs.  Kinesiology tape can also be used as a preventative tool to promote proper motor function which helps you avoid injury in the first place.

We chose to use Rock Tape because of a higher quality cotton, hypo-allergenic non-latex adhesive, and really great durability.  Their brand motto is Go Stronger Longer, and we find that their tape delivers.

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A physical therapist applies kinesiology tape to a patient's knee while the patient, recovering from a car accident, lies on their back on an examination table.

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